I work from your favorite photograph or, if you live in the Huntington, NY area, I am happy to photograph your dog for you to get just the right image for your painting.  If you are texting or emailing me your own photo I just ask that you choose one that is taken in good (ideally outdoor) light that captures your dog's color, features and personality.  I pride myself on my ability to capture both your dog's likeness and her spirit as well. Have some fun- take a photo from an interesting angle like a close up of her nose and face.  Or big, smiley open mouths or a cocked head are always great. Then choose a size and we are ready to go.  

(Note about photo-taking: People tend to take photos standing over their dog looking down. While a good photo might result, often it distorts the size of the head too much compared to the body and doesn't always make for a good photo to paint from. When you take a photo get down on the ground with your dog to get a better perspective. And who knows you might get some kisses while you're down there:)